Hello Power Keg Friends and Family!!

If you had not already heard, on Sunday July 30th, the main water line on Kettner Blvd burst, This resulted in millions of gallons of water being pushed onto our facility’s east wall (parallel to Kettner) and ultimately lead to the wall’s failure of the wall resulting via a 25 ft wide by 5 ft tall hole in our east facing wall. Millions of gallons of water and earth dumped into our training facility. All of this came just after we completed a $50,000 renovation and expansion. In light of this tragedy, we saw an outpouring of support. To that we want to say, thank you.

Thank You

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for the outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers you offered through this incredibly difficult time.

We have received messages of hope and support from all over the United States and from far away countries as well. Even small gyms that aren’t CrossFit affiliates have reached out offering to help any way possible. The CrossFit community truly is great – many of the local CrossFit gyms have opened their doors to us while we get a handle on this situation. Friends, family, and complete strangers have donated to the GoFundMe page to help us while we are down. We feel fortunate to have this type of love and support.

We can not express enough how proud we are of the Power Keg team, their hard work, and determination in the face of this challenge. Everyone stepped up and worked perfectly to manage the disaster; they did everything anyone could have asked for. Without them, we would have been in an even worse position at the current time.

The City’s Work


The city is and has been working hard at cleaning up the water, mud, and concrete – this will help them better determine how to handle the structural damage. This is all being done in conjunction with the city’s contractor’s engineers as well as our landlord’s engineers.

Since all our equipment has been damaged and will require replacement, a full inventory and inspection is being completed by the restoration team hired by the city. Once completed, we will go through a line item list and begin the process of ordering new equipment. We do not yet have a timeline as to when this will be done. The main focus at this moment is the eastern wall  

Our Current Plan

We are actively researching and managing multiple directions for Power Keg Athletics. Not any one direction can be completely pursued at this time due to the rapidly changing environment and information. What we can say at this time is we are in the works of setting up a plan with several nearby facilities which will allow us to run classes in their space. Our displaced community has been offered refuge at CrossFit Humanity, CrossFit Hillcrest, Fathom CrossFit, and Bear Republic for our downtown residents. We have also been offered refuge in Kearny Mesa, Lemon Grove, and other areas outside of San Diego. If you live further away from any of these downtown locations, please reach out to one of the Power Keg Team members and we will be able to help direct you toward some of the great gyms which have opened their arms to us.cross

At this time we wish we could provide more information and better news, however, everything is yet uncertain because details change everyday. Once we have a location and class times solidified we will be sure to let everyone know. We will have a place to train together by Wednesday Aug 9th at the latest.

Memberships have all been frozen as of the 31st of July. Everything will stay frozen until we have a plan in place. We will continue to have community activities outside of the gym as well, to include a happy hour in the near future which we are trying to coordinate with The Waterfront.

I know there are many more questions out there, and we will answer them as information arises. We appreciate your continued support and incredible patience throughout all of this and look forward to seeing your smiling faces back training again soon!!!


  • Adam, Mani, and your Power Keg Team

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