We all know that it’s important to stretch in order to stay limber. This is even more important for individuals who exercise or play sports. But WHY do you need to be stretching? Is it just to warm up your muscles? Do they help you run faster? Or jump higher?

Stretching has many benefits, but for those of us that exert ourselves in physical activities, the three main

Components are:

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Improved Positioning/Performance
  3. Reduce or Stop Pain

Injury Prevention


In order to see results from a workout program you need to work hard and be consistent. BUT if we are hitting the gym consistently and not taking care of our body, it can end up hindering our performance in the gym, and/or even lead to injury. If we make stretching a priority just like getting to the gym, we can keep our body safe and healthy!


Improved Positions & Performance


Many of us have a job that require us to sit at a desk all day, or be on our feet nonstop, and it is incredibly common for us to create imbalances or poor posture that can affect how we feel and move in the gym! We see way more often than less, people with internally rotated shoulders, or really tight hips, and other things that plague their progress in the gym. Even if we can perform a movement, we always want to make sure that we can execute it optimally, which will also help us lift more, faster, and safer!


Reduce/ Stop Pain


Knees, shins, shoulders, upper and lower back, are just a handful of common places people experience pain on a daily basis.  Having a stretch routine and doing it consistently will help lengthen any tight muscles or ligaments you may have. Getting rid of that tightness will help minimize or even get rid of pain in your joints and muscles!


Stretching isn’t just for people who enjoy doing the splits! Stretching has many benefits that will help you live a functional and pain free life! Make it a point to stretch at least 5 minutes a day! On break at work, while watching t.v., when waking up or getting ready for bed, make it a point to get in some stretching, and your body will thank you!


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