How We Help You Reach Your Goals

Power Keg Athletics offers a community-driven workout experience focused on increasing the athletic level of all fitness enthusiasts. Our dynamic group class environment is based on the Kohler Effect, proving that a person is more motivated and works harder when surrounded by other similarly motivated people.

Our support network encourages you to improve in all facets of your life. You are never alone in your fitness journey at Power Keg. Each member’s successes and achievements are shared by the community.

Inside the gym, goals are surpassed and records are broken. Outside the gym, we participate in various social activities. From beach volleyball to hiking, obstacle races (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race) to Saturday BBQ’s, our members and their families build long-lasting bonds both inside and outside the gym.

The Power Keg Community is unlike any other San Diego CrossFit gym! Come experience it for yourself.

The Last Fitness Community You Will Ever Need to Join

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