Everyone has their own goals when they walk into the gym. Lose body fat, build strength, gain muscle, and increase endurance. You might have to search for the gym that provides you with the best tools to accomplish your goals fast and efficiently.

A traditional gym (Gold’s, 24hr Fitness, Chuze, etc.) promotes their incredibly low monthly membership or highlights some of the key pieces of equipment for their facility. Most times their gym membership only includes access to their gym. You receive no guidance, no plan, they probably won’t even know your name. Big name gyms like this can have thousands of members per location. They sell this many memberships because they bank on people not showing up.

That doesn’t include:

  1. Personal 1-on-1 training
  2. Customized workout plans
  3. Technique correction
  4. Mobility Drills
  5. Nutrition Advice
  6. 6. Feedback & Motivation

We are the opposite, we want you to show up. We get to know you, we take the time to learn your strengths and weakness — heck, we will invite you out to grab a meal with our staff and gym members!

At Power Keg we provide the equipment for your warm-up, workout, strength, skill work, all led by a Coach at every class that ensures you have a safe, effective, and fun workout!

When you sign up at a big name gym, you are signing up to wait in line to use equipment, and you have to make your own fitness plan. A fitness plan that is all too routine. At Power Keg Athletics, our coaches create a fitness program/plan for you — one time-consuming thing you don’t have to worry about. Since we have reserved classes, your equipment is guaranteed.

Time spent – typical Big Gym workout can be at least 90 mins. At Power Keg, you are in and out in an hour. That is more time for you to enjoy your day!

When you join Power Keg, you are joining a community. You will be training alongside other people. Everyone is at their own fitness levels, but everybody is working on becoming better and reaching their goals!

We help you get results faster! How? You are working alongside a Coach who is going to help you reach numerous fitness goals at the same time utilizing the Crossfit methodology (build muscle, burn fat, increase endurance, etc.). The goal with Crossfit isn’t to just get you faster, or stronger; the goal is to make you fitter overall!


With crossfit, every aspect of fitness is targeted. You are working on:

  • Gymnastics – Pull-Ups, Handstands, Muscle Ups
  • Body Weight– Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Rope Climbs
  • Weight Training– Olympic Lifts, Squats, Deadlifts, Presses
  • Aerobic– Running, Jump Rope, Rowing
  • With different combinations and timeframes using these different modalities


No matter your goals, with a qualified instructor guiding you through the Power Keg program, you are on a steady path to success!

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