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Post #6: You Can Have Results OR Excuses, Not Both!

Post #6: You Can Have Results OR Excuses, Not Both! November 1, 2015 Lindsay Troxell I’mmm baaaack! Did you miss me? The end of September into October was a crazy time for me, 26 out of the last 33 days were on the road, I spoke at 8 separate events, flew 13,781 miles, stayed in 8 different …
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Post #5: Gainzz

Post #5: Gainzz September 1, 2015 Lindsay Troxell When I was in living in Boston life was very different for me.  I had become someone so focused on my professional success that my personal life and well being took a major hit.  I worked myself to a point my body was in a constant state of distress.  …
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Post #4: Does The Gym Miss Me Back?

Post #4: Does The Gym Miss Me Back? July 31, 2015 Lindsay Troxell Total progress to date: 26.2 pounds and 17.25 inches discarded to a place never to be found again! Simply put, these past two months were brutal.  Everything that I talked about in my last post was thrown out the window by the excuse monkey …
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Post #3: More Luggage. Less Baggage.

Post #3: More Luggage. Less Baggage. May 31, 2015 Lindsay Troxell There was a time in my life where having a job that required work travel seemed glamorous. Staying in nice hotels, taking clients out for fancy dinners at 4 star restaurants, flying across the country for an hour meeting, being away for two weeks …
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Post #2: Terrorized by a Cadbury Crème Egg

Post #2: Terrorized by a Cadbury Crème Egg April 13, 2015 Lindsay Troxell I was going to tell you a story about how I’ve been terrorized by a Cadbury Crème Egg for the past 3 weeks, but the more I thought about it the more it made me want to eat one. So instead I’m …
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Post #1: Dedication sold separately

Post #1: Dedication sold separately March 19, 2015 Lindsay Troxell Vision won’t cost you a dime, just a bit of time and willingness to dream of what you want your life to look like. Until I joined PKCF I had plenty of dreams, but never sustainable follow-through. I am writing this blog to talk about …
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