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CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: Murph Challenge hosted by Power Keg Athletics CROSSFIT AND HERO WORKOUTS CrossFit is known for workouts that are mentally tough, physically demanding, and performed at a high intensity. What makes CrossFit different is that you perform these workouts along side your friends and family. A tradition in CrossFit is to …
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Crossfit Open

Power Keg Family, We are a week into The CrossFit Open. Hopefully, you can tell there is a palpable difference between participating in a regular class at Power Keg (which are already awesome) and a CrossFit Open workout! There are many great benefits for being a part of The Open and giving your all. Let’s …
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Do you stretch after your workout?

Lets face it, we are all busy and after a workout we sometimes skip out on stretching. We are missing a golden opportunity! The best time to stretch to increase flexibility is post WOD! Stretching everyday can help you reach your fitness goals faster. How? Better positioning = Easier to get into tough position necessary …
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**Valued at over $2100** ACT NOW – Offer Ends January 7th, 2017 You’re almost there!  You’re one step closer to your goals!  Let us know what you’re interested in below and we’ll help you get started. A Power Keg Team Member will respond to you within 24 hours.   Online Prospect Form Details to Win 1 Year …
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Do your hands hurt!?

Tired of ripping your hands? Shaving your calluses is a great step to take to prevent tears! Guaranteed: Softer hands Less friction between your hands and the bar No more picking at your hands Cheap callus shavers here! Here is a video on how to shave your calluses.

Double Under tips!

Tips: Neutral gaze forward Bounce off the toes Elbow tucked in Wrist generate swing Torso vertical Hands stay by hips Heels do not touch the floor Knees soft on landing Core braced tight If you are serious about mastering double unders you have to practice. All the time! Everyday make it a point to do …
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