Author: Rodrick Lopez

Better sleep with better nutrition.

Carbs can help you sleep! Sleepiness nights are quite possibly the worst feeling ever. You finally lay down to call it a night and you lay there for hours. You have probably heard of some common ways to improve sleep such as: limit caffeine, reduce exposure to light before bed, set up a routine before …
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Crossfit vs. Traditional Gyms

Everyone has their own goals when they walk into the gym. Lose body fat, build strength, gain muscle, and increase endurance. You might have to search for the gym that provides you with the best tools to accomplish your goals fast and efficiently. A traditional gym (Gold’s, 24hr Fitness, Chuze, etc.) promotes their incredibly low …
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Stretch everyday to stop being in pain!

We all know that it’s important to stretch in order to stay limber. This is even more important for individuals who exercise or play sports. But WHY do you need to be stretching? Is it just to warm up your muscles? Do they help you run faster? Or jump higher? Stretching has many benefits, but for those …
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CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: Murph Challenge hosted by Power Keg Athletics CROSSFIT AND HERO WORKOUTS CrossFit is known for workouts that are mentally tough, physically demanding, and performed at a high intensity. What makes CrossFit different is that you perform these workouts along side your friends and family. A tradition in CrossFit is to …
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Crossfit Open

Power Keg Family, We are a week into The CrossFit Open. Hopefully, you can tell there is a palpable difference between participating in a regular class at Power Keg (which are already awesome) and a CrossFit Open workout! There are many great benefits for being a part of The Open and giving your all. Let’s …
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