Month: July 2017

Summer Grilled Chicken Pizza Recipe

Summer Grilled Chicken Pizza  Yields: 2 – 12” thin crust pizzas (decrease if desired) Ready to make a delicious and easy pizza that satisfies your cravings and your macros? Follow this recipe below, and enjoy!  Ingredients: All ingredients will be divided in half for both pizzas 2-pack Thin & Crispy Mama Mary’s Pizza Crusts 1 lb. Chicken …
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I’m Not the Athlete I Used to Be… And I’m Glad

How Did I Get Here Growing up, my usual sports of choice were swimming and basketball. I always worked hard, but was never one of those naturally gifted athletes. I did it because it was fun and because the other alternative was being cooped up inside. Once I went to college, I found rowing. Rowing …
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Better sleep with better nutrition.

Carbs can help you sleep! Sleepiness nights are quite possibly the worst feeling ever. You finally lay down to call it a night and you lay there for hours. You have probably heard of some common ways to improve sleep such as: limit caffeine, reduce exposure to light before bed, set up a routine before …
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