Month: October 2016

Clean work and an AMRAP

Strength:  Hang Power Clean + Power Clean 1 rep EMOM x 15 minutes *start light/stay snappy *Touch n go Conditioning:  14 min AMRAP 60 Cal Row 50 Toes to Bar 40 Wall Balls 20|14lb 30 Power Cleans 135|95lb 20 Muscle Ups * sub for MU – 40 Ring Dips * no pull ups as subs

Why you are not PRing everyday!

Training vs. Competition While competitive athletes do train hard, they do not compete everyday. In a competition they will be pushing past all pain and obstacles. During training they are smart about when to push and when to take it easy to ensure their bodies will recover. Should you compete everyday – NO What your body …
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Humans vs Zombies!

Workout Of The Day: Humans vs Zombies 1200m Run 50 KBS 2|1.5pd 50 Push Ups 50 Deadlifts  155|105 50 Pull Ups 50 Box Jumps Overs  24|20″ Rules: – Humans go, Zombies start X mins later – Humans run with MedBall, Zombies don’t – Human: 10 burpee penalty if/when a zombie catches you, immediately – Zombie: 10 burpee penalty for …
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Saturday Workout

Saturday Workout of the Day For Time – Teams of 2, complete: 200 Wall balls 200 Toes to Bar 200 Ring push ups * While partner 1 is working partner 2 waits by 100m mark * You must switch each time you break up movement

Back Squats, Muscle Ups, and DB Snatches

Strength:  Backsquat 3 Reps On the Minute  x 10 *start heavy Conditioning:  Dumbbell Amanda 9-7-5 Muscle ups alternating with 18-14-10 DB snatch  50|30 *must alt DB snatch * MU subs: 18-14-10 C2B

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