Month: September 2016

Saturday Workout

SATURDAY WORKOUT OF THE DAY Partner WOD – 2 People 4 min AMRAP : 90 secs rest (a) G2S Stones (b) 10 Tire Flips 15 Hammer Strikes – per arm (c) 5 S20 135|95 10 KTE * do all 2x

Deadlifts and a Partner Workout

Strength: Deadlift 3 reps EMOM x 12 mins @70% of 1RM Conditioning: 2 Partner Workout 16 minute AMRAP 5 Calories 5 Power Cleans  135|95 5 Burpee Pull Ups * 1 round per person, switch

Choose Your Own Adventure

Strength: DB Press 10-10-10-10 superset with either (a) 10 Bicep Curls or (b) 10 Ring Dips Conditioning: 12 min AMRAP choose either (a) 20 Push Ups 20 KBS 30 sec Plank 200m Run or (b) 1-2-3-4-5… reps of Hang Clean Jerk Wall Ball

To Belt or not to Belt that is the question!

Since I started lifting, I have been told many times that,  “You should wear a belt if I you don’t want to hurt your back.” I’ve also heard, “Lifting weights without a belt is not safe!” Each time I have asked these people why, their response was the same. “I don’t know its just what I have …
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400m Walking Lunges

Skill: Barbell Gymnastics Conditioning: For time 400m Walking Lunges 80 Sit Ups 60 Slam Balls 40 Hang Power Snatches 20 Burpees Rx bar – 95|65

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