Month: August 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure

Strength: Dumbell Row 8-8-8-8-8/arm superset w/either (a) Max Effort L-Sit Hold or (b) 10 Seated Bicep Curls per arm Condititioning: 14 minute AMRAP (a) 400m Run 30 Sit Ups 15 Wall Balls (b) 1 High Hang Power Snatch 1 Low Hang Power Snatch 1 Snatch Balance 20 second plank hold

EMOM All Day

Conditioning: EMOM x 36 mins #1: 10 Weighted Step Ups #2: 5 Muscle Ups #3: 15 Hand Release Push Ups #4: 10 Calorie Row sub for MU: 8 strict C2B weighted step ups: 2|1.5pd

Want to be better faster? You should scale workouts.

 Beginning Crossfit When starting Crossfit you more than likely have stared at the board and wondered, “What the heck is RX?” You soon realize that it means you perform the workout exactly how it was written. You did the workout prescribed (RX). You may immediately take this on as a challenge, telling yourself, “I don’t …
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Running, Toes to Bar, and Power Cleans

Strength: 10 mins to find 2RH Power Clean Conditioning: AMRAP x 24 mins 2 person team 100m Run 10 Toes to Bar 5 Power Cleans  95|65 tag to switch

Overhead, Squats, Squats into Overhead

Strength: Strict Press 3-3-3-3-3 Conditioning: For Time 3 Rounds 15 Handstand Push Ups 30 Air Squats — rest 2 mins — 4 Rounds 5 KB Thrusters – left arm 5 KB Thrusters – right arm 30 Double Unders * 15 min cap rx KB – 2|1.5pd

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