Month: May 2016


Strength:  Deadlift 14 mins to find 5 Rep Heavy * 30 second rest after each set of Deadlifts, then 7 Goblet Squats Conditioning:  So Many AMRAPS… 2 minute AMRAP: Deadlifts  275|195 rest 1 minute 2 minute AMRAP: Back Squats  225|145 rest 1 minute 2 minute AMRAP:  Shoulder to Overhead  185|105 rest 2 mins 6 minute …
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#OffenceDefense Offence/Defense: two people race to the end of workout while switching between Assault bike work. Tuesday Fun (5/31) Workout: 60 burpees 60 hang cleans (135/95) Assault bike work – 10 calories How it works: At 3…2…1…Go – One person starts on the workout and the other works on the Assault Bike. Once the 10 …
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Conditioning: EMOM x 10 mins 3 Push Presses @70% of 1RM *use of rack permitted EMOM x 10 mins 100m shuttle run (AFAP) EMOM x 10 mins 10 KTE, AMRAP burpees * score is # of burpees completed * 3 minutes to transition between EMOMs


Conditioning: 4 Rounds For Time 200m Farmer’s Carry  1.5|1pd 10 KB Snatches 20 V-Ups 30 Double Unders

Murph Tomorrow!

Power Keg Athletics will perform Murph to honor the fallen hero.   When Saturday May 28th @ 8:00am Heats will run every 15 minutes and they begin at 8:30am   Sign up or heats They are first come first serve basis. You can now sign up for your starting heat on our website!! The class is …
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