Month: October 2015

Snatch Balance

STRENGTH: 15 minues to find a heavy 2 rep Snatch Balance   CONDITIONING: For Time  (13min time cap) 1,2,3,4,….10 reps Hang Power Snatch 115/75 Weighted Lunges (Kettlebell 1.5/1pd in the front rack)  


  For our 2nd Flash Challenge you will be hitting the beach. Find the details below. 2.5 mile beach run MUST use Map My Run App and you MUST use the GPS Feature, not fill in the run manually after its done. We will use this to ensure you ran instead of walked or rented …
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Share the Flavor – Recipe Blog

In the comment section below submit the recipes that you either have discovered during this challenge or ones that you had all along and have been able to lean on when you are in a pinch. Each week make sure to post a new recipe here so every one else can experience your creation, or maybe …
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Recovery Day

Mobility Focus: Barbell Smash – Triceps, Quads, Calves, Box Mobility – Pigeon Stretch, Couch Stretch Scap Bands – Shoulder Stability Conditioning:  11 minute EMOM 8 Toes to Bar 8 Target Burpees

Deadlift – Your choice

STRENGTH: Today we Dealift! You have the option to choose between either a Sumo Deadlift or Classic Deadlift style Take 20 mins to find a NEW 1RM on your Deadlift   CONDITIONING: 15min AMRAP 10 Box Jumps  20 Pull Ups 30 Goblet Squats  

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