Month: August 2015

Press and Clean

  Strength:   Press   5-5-5-5-5 Conditioning: For Time 40 Cleans  (135/95) * from minute #0 to 3 – any style clean permitted * at minute #3 – squat clean only

Overhead Squats and an AMRAP

Strength: OverHead Squats  5×3 Conditioning: 15 minute AMRAP 7 Front Squats @BW 5 Handstand Push Ups 2 Muscle Ups

Split Squats

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING:   1). Bulgarian Split squats  4 x 10ea  increase weight each set of 10 reps. Recommended to use a kettlebell holding it in the front rack position.   2).  4 x 5ea Windmills  increase weight each set of 10 reps   3). Stretch or Sprint Rowing workout  4 x 500m Sprints with 1 …
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Snatch Work and HSPUs

Strength: 10 minute EMOM 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch Conditioning: 12 minute EMOM 2 Strict HSPU or 4 Kipping HSPU

kettlebell and more kettlebell

Skill: Handstand Walk  10-15 minute practice Conditioning: Kettlebell AMRAPs! 5 minute AMRAP: KB Swings @1.5/1pd 4 minute AMRAP: Clean and Press 3 minute AMRAP: Goblet Squat 2 minute AMRAP: Snatch 1 minute AMRAP: Single Arm KB Swing * 2 minutes of rest between each segment

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