Month: May 2015

Post #3: More Luggage. Less Baggage.

Post #3: More Luggage. Less Baggage. May 31, 2015 Lindsay Troxell There was a time in my life where having a job that required work travel seemed glamorous. Staying in nice hotels, taking clients out for fancy dinners at 4 star restaurants, flying across the country for an hour meeting, being away for two weeks …
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Friday 2015.5.29

Strength: 20 minutes to Establish 1RM Back Squat Conditioning: For Time, Accomplish 50 Box Jumps and 50 American KBS * Exercises and reps partitioned at athlete’s choice * 10 minute time cap

Thursday 2015.5.28

STRENGTH/SKILL – Turkish Get Ups 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 (1 rep each arm per set, increasing weight each set. Make sure to get a couple warm up rounds in first before starting your working sets) CONDITIONING – 4RFT 14 Ring Dips 30 Sit Ups

Tuesday 2015.5.27

Tuesday 2015.5.26

STRENGTH – Deadlift – 10min to find heavy 3 rep Then 10 Min 3rep EMOM CONDITIONING Tabata x 2 – (Alternate movements for total of 8 min) Thruster 45/35 Mtn Climbers

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