6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Power Keg Athletics is excited to announce that In exactly 7 days we are bringing back our 6-Week New You Challenge! Located in Little Italy, Power Keg has been providing a one-of-a-kind workout program that helps people transform their bodies and reach their fitness goals! With the 6 week challenge, participants will get to experience:

  • Functional exercises
  • High intensity training
  • Transform your body for the summer and beyond

This is a comprehensive programmed designed for people of all fitness levels! Technique and efficiency are the number one priority with our workouts, keeping the classes fun and safe! Whether you were a collegiate athlete, or you’ve never worked out before, everyone starts with the basics, learning the fundamental movements, all at the same time you will:

  • Improve Conditioning
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Coordination and Agility
  • Strength
  • Lose Body Fat

No matter your fitness goals, we have been able to help our participants reach them! Tone up, build muscle, become healthier; your goal is our goal!

This challenge includes 6 weeks of well rounded fitness workouts, nutrition, and constant reinforcement and coaching!

  • 3, 1-hour classes a week w/ a highly skilled instructor
  • Detailed Nutrition plan to fuel your body and keep you energized
  • A Facebook support group of coaches and fellow participants
  • AND More

We are offering this in a deal package of $250! We currently have only 10 spots left and they are moving quick!  Fill out the information below to schedule a 15 minute interview with a coach to find out more about this challenge!

Here are just a few of the amazing changes we saw in the last 6 week challenge. YOU TOO could be the next person to make such amazing life changes!

ryan-holcombe Before and After Weight loss      jonathan-beck before and after weight loss challenge

stephen-hand before and after weight loss challenge       alysia-jones before and after weight loss challenge

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We’d love to answer any questions you have! Send us an email and we’ll do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours.

1RM Front Squat and an AMRAP -or- Cleans and RFT


Strength: Front Squat
15 Mins to Find Heavy Single
* no Fails!

Conditioning: 15 Minute AMRAP
100m Walking Lunges
100m KB Front Rack Carry
50 (2ct) Mountain Climbers
100 Double Unders
rx: 2|1.5d (1 arm only)


Strength/Skill: Every 90 secs x 7
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 3 Burpees Over Bar
* go as heavy as you want, but must look good

Conditioning: 10 Rounds For Time
3 Power Cleans
5 KB F. Rack Weighted Step Up/leg
7 Pull Ups
rx: 95|65, 1pd|0.75pd (x1 arm only)
* 16 min time cap

OMG, So Many Barbell Today


For Time:
50 Back Squats
40 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Cleans
20 Snatches
10 Thrusters
* rx 155|105


For 10 mins – 30 seconds on: 30 seconds off
*go HAM

18 min AMRAP
10 Back Squats
15 Push Ups
400m Run

4 min AMRAP
15 Sit Ups and 10 Jumping S. Lunges

* 2 min rest between AMRAPs

Choose Your Own Adventure

Strength: Bent Over Barbell Row
SSa: 5 Bar to Hip Swings
SSb: 15 V-Ups

Conditioning: Choose One
a) AMRAP x 14 mins
800m Run
30 Battle Ropes (alt)
30 Russian Twists
30 KBS

b) EMOM x 14 mins
odd: 5 Bar Muscle Ups
even: 100m Run

EMOMs or Rounds For Time


EMOM x 20 mins
odd mins: 6 Strict HSPU
even mins: 12 Toes to Bar

E2MOM x 12 mins
35 DU (unbroken)
10 DB Snatches 50|30
10 Push Ups
5 Burpees


Strength/Skill: Thrusters
2 reps EMOM x 10 mins
* increasing in weight
* go as heavy as you want (safely)

Conditioning: 4 Rounds For Time
15 Box Jumps
20 Pull Ups | Ring Rows
1 minute Plank Hold
200m Farmers Carry

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